Seminar Series
improving Your horse’s performance, comfort and health.
Presented by Society of Master Saddlers, Paula Jeffery
Educate yourself - 
for your horse's sake.
This is the perfect seminar for owners and riders who are passionate about improving their horse’s performance, comfort and health.

In this full-day seminar, we share with you how saddle fit influences your horse’s movement, performance and soundness, along with challenges presented by different conformation, breeds, saddle design and symmetry.

Comprising of both theory sessions and practical demonstrations, this is a great opportunity to help your horse achieve peak performance. You'll leave with an understanding of how biomechanics and a correctly fitting saddle can lead to a happy, healthy partner.
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  •  Understanding Equine Anatomy and Biomechanics 
  •  Saddle design and basic variations that affect fit 
  •  How saddle pressure influences movement -causes and solutions to better fit and performance
  •  Compensatory posture and movement 
  •  Recognising asymmetry in the horse and its effect on saddle fit - the crooked horse and rider
  •  Fitting the ‘hard to fit’ horse -conformational challenges to saddle t and solutions
  •  Postural and performance indicators of incorrect saddle fit - when things are going wrong!
  •  Saddle fit checklist— getting the best from your horse! 
What You Will Learn From This Presentation:
Secret #1: Biomechanics
Understand the how, what, where and why. Everything you need to know to improve your horse's comfort and ultimately their performance.
Secret #2: Saddle fit for performance
Combine the biomechanics of your horse with an in-depth understanding of how the saddle impacts their performance 
Secret #3: 
Trouble Shooting
What you can do to troubleshoot your tack and your horse's comfort to get the best from your horse! 
  What People Are Saying:
"...Unbelievable  knowledge"
Paula and her team possess an unbelievable knowledge base. I feel like I've learnt more in one day than the last 10 years! 
Augusta Clarke - 3* Eventer & Level 1 Coach
"... our secret weapon "
Paula is our 'secret weapon'! She allows our horses perform to their highest level by ensuring their ultimate comfort.
Robbie McKinnon, Grand Prix Dressage Rider
"...the queen of education"
Paula is the queen of education! She ensures that the horses AND riders are comfortable and connected. 

Laura Wallace, 4 star 
Event Rider 
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